Sunday, April 5, 2015

Why I won't watch Paper Towns

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I, like pretty much everyone else, have read and loved the popular John Green books. With popular I mean The Fault In Our Stars, Looking For Alaska and Paper Towns. Today I will be focusing on Paper Towns.

I read Paper Towns some months ago and I loved it. John Green's writing is wonderful and I loved how for once a character isn't stick thin or fits into the mainstream picture of beauty. And I related, I'm not stick thin and it made me happy that John Green seemed to focus more on the personalities than their bodies. But then they cast Cara Delevingne to play Margo Roth Spiegelman.

When I read Paper Towns I didn't imagine Margo as Cara Delevingne. And I don't think anyone has imagined her as Cara Delevingne. When I read the book I knew Cara was cast to play Margo but as I read the book I realized that I'm not going to watch the movie. I refuse to.

They had a chance to cast a curvy girl, the way Margo is described by Quentin Jacobson, but they choose to go with the stereotypical "beautiful" girl. You have MILLIONS of girls who have read the book, hopeful because there's finally a girl who isn't stick thin as the maincharacter. And then you decide to cast a model. What does that say about you?

We had a dramatic discussion about this at lunch when the trailer had come out. It was hard for me to explain why I had decided I won't watch the movie because every breathing girl on this earth will go watch it and I just got furious. Then Anna said the words I didn't manage to say.

We see all these models in magazines, thin models looking perfect and of course it affects you. How could it not affect you? You feel shitty sometimes, because you'll never be that thin. They had the chance to show these girls that you can be loved and you can be beautiful even if you're not skinny. But they chose not to. They chose to cast a girl who is a Victorias Secret model. A girl who has been on every magazine and who is skinny. They couldn't have done a bigger mistake.

While I'm sure Cara is good at acting and does a good job at portraying Margo's personality, it just pisses me off that they had the chance to put out a movie with a character that is curvy but because they fear that won't sell as much they cast a skinny model instead. When they do the casting, they sadly can't ever cast someone who doesn't fit the ideal (skinny, big boobs, flawless face, flawless hair) since they fear that it won't sell. Because who wants to go see a movie with someone who doesn't fit the ideal? It doesn't matter that the character is in fact curvy in the book, when it's to put into film they'll cast someone who looks NOTHING like how anyone has imagined that person, just because it will sell. And it's a shitty move.

Here we have young girls who have read the book, cried over it and then they go to see the movie, only to have to stare at a model for an hour or two. That's not fair. It's not fair to keep pushing in our faces that we should be this and we should be that. You had the chance to change that, believe it or not, but you chose not to. And that's the reason I won't watch Paper Towns.

*While I do discuss the beauty of being curvy in this blogpost there is nothing wrong with being skinny and that's not what I mean with this post*

Here's a blogpost that somehow manages to describe what I'm feeling a lot better:

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