Saturday, August 24, 2013

Impulsive tip dyeing = Massive fail?


So 3 days ago I decided I was bored of my hair so I went to the mall and bought the Loréal Préférence Wild Ombrés kit with the special applying brush.
Yesterday I then went to Mikku's place and well we started tip dyeing my hair with the thingy. I didn't want a full on ombré look, I just wanted my tips to be lighter.

The whole progress of dyeing my tips took HOURS and I was so relieved when I was done. But, can you actually see the dye?
In my opinion, no you can't. But I do feel like my hair looks a little bit lighter because of the dye.

I don't know, what do you guys think?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A little bit of Everything

Hello there!

In this post I'm going to talk about a little bit of everything so get ready for many random things and stuff and people.

Firstly I wanna tell you guys about the picture above. It's from a place in Ukraine called "Tunnel of love"
Some months ago I saw really beautiful pictures of abandoned places in the world and today I googled more picture. That picture above always pops up, no matter what site you're on.
Now The point in why I'm telling you this is I just got such a strong dream to go to every single one of those places and take a picture of them but make them be less abandoned. 
Every single place I saw just looked so beautiful that I made a promise to myself that when I'm older and when I have money I WILL go to some of those places. Alone or with someone.

If you're also interested in looking at those beautiful places here's links to pictures of 66 of the most beautiful abandoned places:

Hopefully it won't just stay a dream to visit those places, but that I will actually get to blog about visiting them one day!

Next up I'm gonna talk about my first week in school as a 9th grader!
We started school on tuesday 13th I believe... That day was pretty easy except we got to hear "this is such an important year for you" about a zillion times from our teacher. Nothing rude meant but do the teachers really think any of us gives a flying crap about that? We KNOW we have to get good grades, but school also isn't the only thing in life. We have friends, boy/girl problems, family problems and everything and sometimes school is the last thing we think about.

Wednesday and thursday were normal days which meant we started school at 8:10am and finished at 2pm.

And on friday I overslept and came to school at about 8:50am...
What happened was that I was really tired at night when I put on my alarm so I accidentally put it on 7:45PM so of course my alarm didn't even go off in the morning when it should go off...
I woke up at 8:10am which is when school starts and I'm like "noo I just wanna sleep why is this happening" so I got up and ran out of my room and almost ran into my mom who had also overslept and woke up at the same time. So then we're both like "I OVERSLEPT!" which was pretty funny.
Anyway, I got ready in ninja speed as the ninja I am and mom drove me to school but you know when you're really stressed and running late? Yeah the whole world is against you then. We had to stop for red lights every 10 second and we had cars driving 10kms per hour in front of us and stuff so even if I was ready to leave from home at 8:35am it still took 15 minutes for me to get to school... WOW the fact that I managed to to that oh.

I also wanna talk about a good warm drink for days when you've been stressed and sad.
All you need is to mix 3-4 tablespoons of o'boy or cocoa with hot milk. Then put in about 1-2 tablespoons of vanilla and a sprinkle of  cinnamon and you have your yummy relaxing hot drink for a stressful day.

As I'm writing this I've actually been drinking my first cup of that hot drink and wow it's good. It also actually helps me to relax and just clear my mind so I'm focused on writing.
So if you're having a rough day just drink that and you'll feel better! I promise!

And last but NEVER least is a new discovery on youtube via tumblr.

1. Go to any youtube video.
2. Pause it.
3. Click anywhere outside the video.
4.  Type 1980.

Now you will get confused as nothing will happen directly but wait for a second or two and the greatest thing on earth will appear for you! AND I PROMISE THIS ISN'T A SCREAMFACE!

Now I'm gonna leave you with all of the great things on internet and go cuddle with my dog. Have a nice following day/night and I'll write to you next saturday!
From Yesterday with Emma, copyright by Emma.

Friday, August 9, 2013

God Bless your souls, British Youtubers

Hello there!

Today I'm coming to you with a different post, I think, as this is about Instagram and the fact that God blessed me with this day. 
On thursday I posted this lovely picture of Zoe and Louise on my Zoe account on instagram.

And then I just did some other great stuff and posted some other pictures not really thinking of it anything. 
I then managed to get myself to sleep and wake up and the first thing I see as I check instagram in the morning is this:

The tears just streamed down my face and I can't believe she knows I EXIST. 
Louise is probably one of the nicest people on earth and she's hilarious and having her liking my picture just made my day. She literally made my whole day and month by just double clicking on her phone and that's awesome, isn't it?

I went on with my day just kind of living in paradise and I did a drawing of the lovely Sugg siblings, aka Zoe and Joe Sugg (Zoella and ThatcherJoe on youtube, look 'em up will ya?)

I've done much better drawings but Joe turned out okay hah. 

Then I guess I didn't think of it anymore and I went on with my day. Until like an hour or so ago (It's almost 2am now) when I saw my phone just lighting up and I see "@Joe_Sugg liked your photo"
I sat and stared at my phone. I was like "noooo it's a fake account." So I check. AND IT'S NOT A FAKE ACCOUNT. Joe actually saw the drawing and l i k e d it. THE Joe. My inspiration's brother saw the drawing I made for him and My inspiration, Zoe.
My heart is still beating like a b*tch and I'm not sure how I can manage to actually write a whole blog post properly but I'm doing it. The struggle is real of course though, but yeah.

God bless your souls, Louise and Joe. Thank you so much for making my day and my month and my year. Just thank you. You might not understand how much it might mean just when you like a photo on ig but it can literally make someone feel so much better about themselves. So just please, don't ever stop just being yourselves and liking pictures and tweeting and answering people. Because you 2 mean the world to so many people and I guess it's hard to take in but that's how it is. 
So thank you for being yourselves and making youtube videos to make us, your viewers, happy. Only just that makes our day/weeks!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post about this flawless day and I'll be writing to you again, next saturday! (:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My few lovely days with my cousin Mikku

Hello there guys!

I spent the last few days with my cousin Mikku as my family went to our cottage and I didn't wanna go there and Mikku's family is in Sweden right now. So we thought it would be a great idea to sleep over at each other's houses.

On Sunday we started hanging out early in the morning and we went and gave food to some cats that Mikku had been feeding for her cousins. Then we went to Subway and ate and then I think we went and bought food for the following days that we didn't know we were gonna spend together hah.
After that we just hung at my place and had a movie marathon with french fries and a lot of other great stuff. 

Oh did I mention NO ONE was home so we could stay up as long as we wanted? Oh yeah. And I'm pretty proud 'cause we didn't even burn down the house! Can you believe that?!

Here you have a sexy pic of us with no makeup I'm so sorry.

We went out in the night to get some air and suddenly we also discovered just how tan Mikku is... Or then it was the light... Oh we'll never know.

When it was almost 4am we fell asleep after a lovely day being crazy. How's that?

On Monday we woke up at 11:30am as Mikku had alarm on in case she would have to go to work. But she never did go to work so instead we had another lovely day!

We ate breakfast and lunch and watched Columbo (A serie about murders, you should check it out!)
When we were done with that we cleaned my house a little and then we went to give the cats some food again and then I think we just went home to my place again so I got to pack some things before going to Mikku's place and leaving all our stuff there.
We then went to Mikku's grandparents to eat dinner and just look at her grandma's amazing collection of dolls. She has dolls from all over the world, no kidding! 
As we finished there we had to go to Mikku's family's cottage to get the mail and water the flowers. So that's what we did.
But let me tell you about the road that leads to their cottage. Never have I EVER been on a scooter when driving on a road like that! It had bumps everywhere and I thought I would die because Mikku drives like she has 100 lives... Thanks for those heartattacks Mikku!!

We watered the flowers, or Mikku watered the flowers and I walked in the water that was COLD I should add. No more swimming for me no.
Then we went to Mikku's house and I once again had to survive that dangerous road with bumps everywhere... I'm here writing now though so that's a sign that I'm alive!

When we got home to Mikku's place I think we just got everything ready for the movie and sauna night we would have. 
Before taking showers and sitting in the sauna we went out for a walk with their dog Honey, which is a cute bear-looking dog.

I took some horrible sneaky photos of Mikku and that's one of the photos you see up there.

The sky was extremely beautiful and purple-looking but of course it doesn't look like that on the camera. Damnit!
Oh well I tried...

We then had a relaxing time sitting in the sauna. Wanna see some pictures? Ok!

Don't they just have a beautiful sauna? Oh yes!
(I hope none of you expected to see naked pictures hahahahaha. Not funny.)

After that we actually just sat outside for a while talking about life. Good talk!

If I remember correctly we then got dressed and went out to walk in the middle of the night on the road... Aren't we smart?

I discovered that the city is really beautiful at night

Laying in the middle of the road is fun, ok?

When we got back to Mikku's place we got all the food ready and then we watched She's the man. We didn't finish the movie though as we got tired and went to sleep instead hah.

Nom nom, you jealous?

zzZZzzzZzZzzzZ (sleeping)

I woke up at 12pm on tuesday "morning" and then Mikku had already been awake for 1 hour...
Anyways, then Mikku was a great cousin and went and made us both breakfast in bed and I just sat and enjoyed watching TV.

Soooo Good breakfast!

That's the end of it all. We did some other things too but I decided not to write that as this is already such a long blog post!

Thank you to Mikku for the fantastic few days I had! I hope you had as much fun as I did haha! ILY COUSIN<3<3<3<33<<3<3

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you all enjoyed reading this!
Leave your thoughts in the comment below! Also let me know if you enjoyed reading this with so many pictures and also let me know if you want me to include more/less pictures in my posts!
Future posts will be up on Saturdays from now and I'll try to upload as many saturdays as possible! So make sure to check in every saturday!