Friday, July 31, 2015

In The News Today

Oh Hi!

It's been a few weeks again, I apologize for that. However I have a good reason this time: I was a help leader at a one week camp. Yes, that's an experience.

Anyways, that's not what I'm going to talk about today. I'm home alone, it's 12am and I started thinking (you don't say). 

I don't exactly know how to start this blog post. So I'm going to start with a question: Do you watch/read the news? Do you turn on the TV/radio at a certain time and hear about all that's happening in this world? 

I don't. I stopped reading/watching the news when I some months ago had a breakdown over all the negative in the news. This country is in war with that country. This murderer is walking around freely. That rapist didn't get the life sentence. This country has been taken over by Isis. These people were murdered because they're black. This many people died last year of hunger. That many people get raped each day.

You see, for a passionate 17-year-old girl it's hard to hear those things and be stuck in little Finland not being able to help any of these situations. There's NOTHING I can do to stop a war, because I'm not a president of a big influential country. There's nothing I can do to stop world hunger. There's nothing I can do to stop people from murdering and raping.
Sure, I can donate money to organisations and spread the world about things, but they don't really do anything. I want to go to Africa and feed the children. I want to go have a long and thoughtful discussion with the stupid people deciding that a war is a great solution. But I'm a 17-year-old girl writing a blog post at 12am.

I'm too passionate, too feeling, too sympathetic to be able to watch the news. Because when do they ever talk about anything positive on the news? When do they say "AND THIS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL THING TODAY HAPPENED"? No, it's always "sadly this and this happened and these countries are doing this to try and help but let's face it it's useless". No wonder almost everyone on this earth is a little depressed. We don't ever get to hear anything positive. And that's probably also why everyone is so negative.

I don't exactly know what my point is. Maybe I'm trying to tell you to sometime skip that time of day when you watch the news. Because let me tell you, I'm a lot happier when I don't know about all the crap that's going on. Because at least then I don't feel like running up to all the politicians and punching them in the face.