Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome To The New Year 2014


Another year has passed and I feel happy to know that I'm still here.
2013 was a lifechanging year for me and it happened a lot of things during this year.

This year I got out of a really deep depression that I had had for a very long time. 
I know some of you know about it but not everyone. But that's the biggest thing that happened to me this year. I got out of depression.

This year I also got confirmed and said "Yes" to God and that's something really big too.

In August I started my last year of obligated school and I'm halfway through now. I THINK I'LL MAKE IIIIIIIIT. *sings with a made up melody*

2014 is now here, and it's now time to make some pointless new year's resolutions that you never seem to complete.
This year I've decided to not make any pointless resolutions and instead make resolutions that I'd like to keep.

Therefore I shall tell you my new year's resolution in hope that if more people know about them I'm more likely to keep them:

  1. Keep up with this blog. I wanna work on this blog and have posts up every week (unless something happens) and I really wanna write about things I like and not worry about readers or anything else. I want this blog to be my personal little space with posts about what I love and what I enjoy writing about. And I'm looking forward to one year of great fun with this blog (:
  2. Work out. Now this is the resolution everyone always seem to fail at but I really wanna do it because of some parts on my body that I don't like. I wanna make this year a fun year and make myself happy with my body, and it won't happen unless I work for it. Wish me luck ayeee!
  3. Focus on the important things. Being 15 and having other things in life and not just school isn't always the greatest thing because it affects your grades in school. But as I'm now soon gonna have to work on final work so I'll be able to graduate I've decided not to care so much about rumors and drama and BOYS. Right now school is important and I wanna graduate with good grades, so I will try to focus on school and try to care more about homeworks and tests and less about rumors and stuff like that.
I wanna thank everyone who has stayed with me throughout this year even though I might have been difficult to be with at times during the bad time in my life. But I thank you all and I hope you all are happy and I hope that 2014 is the best year for you.<3

Thank you Emma, Mikku, other Emma, Jade, Everyone from my Skriba, Tasha, Mom&Dad, Julia, Bibi, my therapist, Carmela, Febri, Katie, Ronja, Kristin, Roosa, Nelly and everyone else who was a part of my life this year. (you know I'm bound to forget somebody so I just kinda gave up)

I hope you reading this had a wonderful year and if you didn't just know that it might get better in 2014. You never know.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas - Then & Now

I remember when I was little and how excited I was for Christmas every year.
I woke up at 8am on Christmas Eve and I went up and ate breakfast with my family and we then started preparing for the Christmas dinner we would have later that day.
I always made the table and put up cards to each and every one so they would know where they have to sit.
Christmas Eve is always such a long day because you know Santa is coming but he's coming in the evening but you know that when he's coming you're getting to sit in his lap and say "thank you" everytime he gives you a present.

Christmas was wonderful as a kid. I had always written such a long list of toys and games I wanted and I think that my parents enjoyed seeing that look on my brother and I when we got something we really wanted because I can't remember a Christmas when I've been disappointed. 

As I got older Christmas lost its fun and excitement and I often just ate a little bit of the great food and then I was in my room doing whatever while my family hung out. 
I was in such a bad, dark place during so many Christmases that it wasn't any point with it (for me anyways) because how can you pretend to be happy over something when all you wanna do is lay on your bed and cry.

This year, however, I've been waiting for Christmas and I've loved every second of Christmas shopping and singing Carols because it has showed me that I am finally out of the bad dark place I was in last year. And I gotta say, that makes me really happy.

Merry Christmas, 
From Me to You

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Holiday

I'm gonna take a little bit of holiday during next week to just be with family and build up on writing ideas. I do have a post written for Christmas Eve and that will be posted then but other than that next week is gonna be a relaxing week for me to get great and creative writing ideas and just enjoy life when it happens.

I'm planning to start writing more personal things (which will go under the category "Creative Writing") and stuff on here as well as the beauty stuff. 
The Christmas post that is coming is a personal look into my Christmas so you'll enjoy that (:

You can also check out the "Creative Writing" category if you feel like it (: 

I am finally really happy with how my blog looks and the header and headboard and everything (: 

I know this post isn't interesting but I've spent today to categorize all my posts and to make the blog how I want it so I hope you guys enjoy seeing my blog now and reading it all (:

That is all,

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Maxfactor 3 in 1 Foundation REVIEW


Today I'm diving head first into something that I have never done and is much out of my comfortzone. I'm putting foundation on my face and reviewing it. What a disaster Let's do this!

*DISCLAIMER!! The product mentioned is bought with my own money and all opinions are 100% mine*

I have been using the Maxfactor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation (huh, that's a mouthful!) for a very long time and I've recommended it to some of my friends when discussing makeup.
I'm now gonna do a cheeky little copy and paste from Maxfactor's website so you can see what the site says about this foundation.

"Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 foundation holds like a primer, corrects like a concealer with the long lasting finish of a liquid foundation with SPF 20."
The site also says that the foundation "lasts all day, giving a flawless finish" and that the primer "gives a smooth base for hold"

Let's put it on my face to see if I agree!

(Pictures were taken in natural ligthing while I was ill so I was having some problem with a red nose and red cheeks as you can see)

I think that the foundation goes on smoothly and blends easily into the skin, so you don't have that sexy line of "yes I am wearing foundation and it seems to not wanna blend", which is always a good thing!

I'm not sure I agree that this lasts all day as when I get home from school it has often gone away a little but I've never felt the need to re-apply this for the evening when being at school in the day!

I feel like with just one layer it's light coverage but it's definitely buildable so it becomes medium coverage and even if you have 2 layers on you can barely feel it!

I do not recommend to use this if you want something that covers everything and some horrid under-eye circles or if you have really matte skin and wants a pick-me up kind foundation! (then there's always the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation that I have yet to try!) But if you want a matte finish and light-medium coverage this is the way to go! 
I think it's a little bit too expensive for a highstreet-foundation since most highstreet-foundations cost about 15€ in Finland. But if you're willing to pay a little bit extra for a foundation then you could always give this a try!
It costs £11,99 in Boots and 20,90€ in every store in Finland (except now it's 16,90€ with k-plussa kortti in Anttila).

Now I'm gonna do some cool rating based on what it promises (on a scale from 0-5)

Coverage: as I said it's light-medium coverage so 2/5.
Stay: It does fade throughout the day but not that drastic but as it promises to last all day I'll say 3/5.
Smell (yes smell wow): I used to use a Maybelline foundation and it smelled horrible and now using this foundation is heaven because believe it or not this foundation smells good haha. 
Concealer part: 2,5/5 because no, it does not hide everything with the first layer and not with a second one either. Concealer should always do that and you shouldn't have to pack it on, but as this is a 3 in1 foundation I can understand that it's not perfect.
Primer part: 3,5/5. I think the primer part in this foundation is pretty good considering it has to compete with concealer and foundation! 
Foundation part: 4/5. After all this is a foundation (even though it's a 3 in 1) and if the foundation didn't do the best out of all those other things the foundation includes I wouldn't even recommend this to anyone!
Overall: I give this foundation a 3,5-4/5 because I like it and it works for me. I don't need full coverage and as long as it hides scarring from pimples that's really all I need.

Please keep in mind that even though this works for me it might not be for you!
And if you're wondering my skintype is combination (normal on the sides, oily mostly at the T-zone).

Have you tried this foundation? If so, what did you think of it? And what's your go-to foundation? (:
I'll see you on SATURDAY as usual!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Feeling Under the Weather


Lately I've been feeling really under the weather physically and I can't for the life of me get better! 
I am very, very tired of over-dosing on painkillers and warm drinks and other stuff for your throat but I'm not ill enough to go to the doctor and get some magical medicine so I'll get better.

I know this is the season when everyone's feeling under the weather but it would be nice to start feeling better after 1 month of going back and forth being ill.

What do you guys do when you're ill? And do you think it helps? Please let me know, I'm desperate!!

And I apologize for the very short post, but considering I'm sitting here writing this while having fever and a killer headache at almost 11pm (because I haven't been feeling like writing before now, what an ass I am) I think I at least deserve some killer advice for how to get my cold to go away!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sorry ): + H&M Nail kit "review"


Before you all give me a massive slap on the wrist saying "WHERE'S BEAUTY WEDNESDAY YOU SH*T?!" I have a great excuse that I'm gonna use (hihi).

This week (and especially yesterday and today) has been extremely busy! I've been sooooo tired and have had a lot of things to do so therefore I haven't got a Beauty Wednesday post for you this week ): 
I will be posting on saturday as normal and then NEXT WEDNESDAY there will be a BW! Pinky promise!

For now I'll just show you this cute nail kit I bought yesterday from H&M!

It includes a handcream (smells amazing!!), a nail and cuticle cream (smells amazing too!!), a a nail file with all the different sides and a cuticle stick (idk if they're actually called that but the thing you push your cuticles down with, yah?)

If you're a nailfreak (like me) but can't buy all the most expensive things then you have to get this one! It's only 4,95€ ($6,81, 4,16£) which, according to me, is a pretty great deal!
I think H&M only sells boxes like this during christmas so get your hands on it before it's too late! (Or go there and ask if they'll sell it cheaper after christmas and buy it then (; )

Thank you for reading and I'll write to y'all on saturday!

*Products mentioned were bought with my own money and all opinions are mine*

Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Hair Color

(Sorry that I don't have any makeup on, but then again it's my hair we should focus on)


Yes, I am posting on a sunday because saturday flew by with no sight of interest in writing lol.
But I just thought I would show you guys my new hair (: 

If you follow me on twitter (which you all should by now (; ) you'll know that I went to the hairdresser on wednesday and got my hair dyed and cut.
I gotta say the haircolor I have now is probably my favorite haircolor I've ever had.

I've been blonde (natural hair color), dark brunette (almost black) and dark brunette with tip dye. But this is my favorite one.
It's a redbrown color and as with most dyes look different in every light. 

What do you guys think? And if you could dye your hair any color, what color would that be? (:

I'll see you guys on WEDNESDAY for the first Beauty Wednesday!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Introducing: BEAUTY WEDNESDAY By ItsMaddiehbu

Yes, yes, it IS real life!

I started my blog to write about things I love and thus far I've only done hair posts because, quite frankly, I've been scared of doing a beauty post. But!!! It's all going to change now!

Therefore I've come up with the clever name "Beauty Wednesday" which pretty much speaks for itself.
EVERY WEDNESDAY (Unless stated otherwise) I'll be reviewing products, putting stuff on my face, posting tutorials and other great stuff. Please also remember that "fashion" falls in this category so yes, I'll also do Outfit Of The Day (OOTD's) and maybe some lookbooks if I get Emma to take the pictures. *stares Emma deep into her soul*

Now you guys also have a big part in this. What you can do is leave me suggestions on what you wanna see reviewed (if I have an interest in the product I might do it), what tutorials you want, anything! I'll do anything from showing off my shoes to reviewing a product or doing a nail tutorial! So get suggesting in the comments below!
That is all for today but I wish you guys are as excited for Beauty Wednesday as I am because it's gonna be sad doing this all on my own if you guys don't like it haha! Next wednesday is the official start of BW so get excited!!!

I'll see you guys on Saturday though for our weekly random post!