Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Always Wanted April - M&C Collabs

Oh Hi!

We girls always have something we've always wanted but never seem to get for different reasons and this month's collaboration is dedicated to all of those products/things. So remember to check out Cara's post after reading mine! (; 

I think the Naked palettes are the most talked about eyeshadows on Earth and it pains me to not have them. But at the same time I am not willing to pay $54 for a palette of eyeshadows... So you see my struggle?
I will probably eventually get them but until I can actually afford it I'll just look at them through the computer screen. I'll survive, don't worry.

After everything everybody says about this product it's really painful not to own it. But again, the price tells me to stay away from the product until I've reached top 10 richest people on Earth so I can actually AFFORD paying $31 for a primer...

I've always wanted to try this Revlon Colorstay concealer but 1. It's really hard to pick your shade online and what I know they don't sell Revlon makeup in Finland and 2. I haven't yet found a site that ships this product internationally. But at least this is somewhat affordable.

This is yet another concealer I have to try but the only problem here is that again, it's really hard to pick your shade online... But the price with this one is not really a problem so once I find this in a store somewhere out of Finland I will probably buy it!

Now this is not so much a product, but more a whole range of stuff. Can you guess from where? No you guessed wrong. It's Lush. 
Now I'd love to try the bathbombs because I love baths but my problem here is that we actually don't have a bathtub and the only time I take baths is in hotels if they have a bathtub there (most of the time I don't go to hotels if they don't have a bathtub I am pathetic). But I could try out the shampoos and body butters (and everything else) but there's no Lush shop in my city (and I'm pretty sure there's no Lush shop anywhere in Finland) and I'd hate to order something online which then doesn't smell good. So do you see my problem?
But I'll probably soon cave in and order something online and then cry of joy as I find out that no Lush product smells horrible.

That's all of the stuff you're gonna get to read about as I could go on forever but we said 5 producs/things and if I've done my math right that is 5 products/things. Now head over to Cara's blog to read about everything she's always wanted and maybe even a personal message from me as we always do those cool ones (;

Caras message:

Hello Maddie's readers! I'm sure you all are totally obsessed with my chum Maddie as I am, so if you like her you might like some of my posts too! Pop on over and leave Maddie love in the comments below! xoxo

I hope you guys enjoyed this month's beauty collab! And remember to leave Cara some love on her blog!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Do You Know Me Yet? - 25 Facts About Me

Oh Hi!

Though I've been blogging for almost a year now I'm pretty sure there are a lot of things you guys don't know about me and I thought it would  be cool to do 25 Facts About Me. I might only get to 5 facts but I'll try.

  1. My birthday is on the 18th of May. As my friend you probably know this but maybe not everyone knows this.
  2. I was meant to be named 'Michaela' but then my cousin Mikku was born and they gave her the name Michaela so then my parents had to figure out a new name and that's how they came up with my great name that nobody can say (Maddie is a nickname btw ooooh)
  3. I love art and I love to draw, mostly portraits and sometimes imaginary things that are really deep to me.
  4. My favorite movies are the Hunger games and Catching Fire. I love the books, and the movies have been great so far and secret only you guys will know: I'm counting down the days until Mockingjay part 1 comes out don't judge me.
  5. My favorite books are Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire. Just ah, perfection.
  6. My middle name is Elisabet but I spell it with an H at the end because I think it looks cooler.
  7. I don't wear makeup on a day to day basis but when I wear makeup I like to go all out haha.
  8. My mothertongue is swedish and I have problems learning finnish so you can understand how stupid I feel sometimes when asking "what?" and the most easiest finnish questions... Thanks mom and dad.
  9. I'm a pretty spoiled girl but I don't think of myself as unappreciative because I know I'm blessed to have what I have and I always remind myself to thank my parents for everyday stuff.
  10. Miley Cyrus is my idol and that makes a lot of people ask me "why?" but you know, I don't have to explain it as long as it's something I understand.
  11. When I was 10 my appendicitis got infected and I ended up in the hospital and had surgery so they could take it out. It's probably one of the worst experiences I've ever had and I now have a fear of hospitals and needles.
  12. I've recently developed an addiction to Dr. Phil... Oooops.
  13. I thought myself english when I was 12 years old because I wanted to understand what Justin Bieber said in his interviews. I'm a wonderful person lol
  14. I can't stand people who ask too many questions or who just talk bullshit like shut up I'm not here for your damn ass questions.
  15. I believe in God and Jesus. Nuff said about that I guess.
  16. I'm pretty anti-social. Though I like talking to my friends and classmates and such I don't like hanging in a group of many people because it gives me anxiety. So that's why I only have a few friends.
  17. I have a fear of those automatic doors in malls and shops and such because I once almost got stuck between them.
  18. I'm also afraid of heights and I have no idea why.
  19. I'm a sucher for romantic comedies but I don't watch them a lot anymore because they always leave me feeling empty sigh.
  20. I'd love to move to London eventually because I'd like to speak english on a daily basis everywhere I go!
  21. I actually have really bad eyesight but I still don't wear my glasses everyday because my mom is scared that it'll just make my eyesight even worse... IDK mom.
  22. I have my phone on silent almost all the time because I have tweets sent to my phone and then my phone would go off literally every second if I didn't have it on silent. This is also the reason why I'm a bad texter and call-answerer (I just made that up) as I never hear anyone calling me or texting me.
  23. If I didn't have to wake up so early everyday I would probably wear makeup and decent clothes but I just can not be bothered at 7am. When I wake up I just roll out of bed, wash my face, eat breakfast, get dressed and then I'm good to go.
  24. My favorite song at the moment is probably Ed Sheeran - Sunburn because I cry everytime I hear it.
  25. I've only been in love ONCE.
There you have it! If you've made it down here then CONGRATULATIONS, you are now a Maddienator (whether you like it or not) and we're getting married. Leave me 5-10 facts about yourself in the comments below and also let me know if there's any specific post you would like me to write and I'll get on it!

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

IPhone Life | 3rd - 11th April

Oh Hi!

First of all, I'm sorry I went MIA for the last 2 posts... I got the thing called a cold and then I just couldn't be bothered, school is on my ass too so yah. But here I am with an insight in my life!

We made this nom nom beef and potatoes in cooking class last week and I had to take a picture because it was just too good not to!

On saturday last week Emma and Emma came over for a sleepover and I also did some makeup on their faces that will be featured on my blog soon!

I'm sorry Emma for putting this one here but it was too good not to feature it in this post! Aren't we adorable?

This was me yesterday before Emma's birthday party!

We went to the middle of the forest were we roasted marshmallows and these idiots tried to scare the shit outta us by telling scary stories. Yes I did get scared but don't tell them okay?
(I had a great time yesterday thank you people for being hilarious and stuff and Emma thank you for the food I still want more of that cake okay yes send some to me thank you.)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tanya burr Lips & Nails

Oh Hi!

Today I thought I would talk about the lovely Tanya Burr's makeup Line which came out at the end of January and though I've only bought one of the Lipglosses and Nailpolishes I feel that I can still say they're amazing!

Lipgloss in Picnic In The Park and nailpolish in Midnight Sparkles!
 you can buy Tanya's nailpolishes and lipglosses here

I do feel like the first picture lies a little about the colors but I had to include it since the packaging of the lipgloss is just soo cute!

I wasn't sure what to expect when trying these as not many people succeed when first coming out with a makeup line but I was actually really surprised! The lipgloss is actually really long lasting and actually also surprisingly moisturising!
The only down side with this lipgloss (atleast Picnic In The Park) is that it's a little hard to get it to show but that is understanding since it's only a gloss and not a lipstick! 

The nailpolish is also good though a little "watery" as I needed to use a few coats to get the color to really show, maybe it then would be better as a purple glitter over black? I'll have to try that one (:
But once the nailpolish is on and dry it stays on for at least a week and I didn't notice a lot of chipping which is also a good sign!

I give Tanya a 9/10 for this adorable line of nailpolishes and lipglosses and I hope to try out some more from this makeup line♥

*This is a honest review and I was not paid to say any of this, all products were also bought with my own money*