Thursday, July 31, 2014

No Mirror Makeup Challenge | ItsMaddiehbu

Oh Hi!

Today I'm coming to you with the "No Mirror Makeup Challenge" in videoform. I like to change things up every now and then and post a video instead of a blogpost and I thought that this would be the perfect video to film as I've never done the challenge and I thought it would be fun. It might be slightly boring since I'm consentrating so hard at some points in the video but nevertheless I do hope that you enjoy watching it! And maybe you'll even have a laugh at how my eyebrows turned out.
Give this a go yourself and see how you did and also let me know how you think I did!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cottage Life

Oh Hi!

Today I decided to show you guys a little of the cottage life as we spend about every weekend at our summer cottage. And well, while I'm writing this we're still at the cottage but I bring my laptop with me here because let's face it, I can't live without my sweet baby laptop...

So while I'm not showing you inside, because it's a mess inside and we basically just sleep and eat inside, you can see the beautiful beach we have and such.

At the moment we're having some kind of "heatwave" in Finland. While people in the warmer countries would still be freezing here we're sweating our asses off because of the heat. This heatwave has been going on for about 2-3 weeks now which means that the water is hella warm at about 25-27°C and if it's windy on land it's then warmer in the water (which NEVER happens).

Where our cottage is we don't really see the sunset as there's trees in the way, but we do still get a beautiful evening sun which I never get tired off.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look at our cottage and the beauty of nature! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Society's Thoughts On Beauty

Oh Hi!

Today I am discussing something serious as I'm one of those people who cares about important things. 

At first I thought I would make a video on this topic but I wanted to give it more thought and not just ramble on about it for a few minutes and then realize that what I had been saying didn't make sense at all.

What I want to discuss is society's thoughts on beauty because I don't fit into that ideal and I never will. 
I want to put a disclaimer here that this is from a bigger girl's perspective and I can't talk about what it's like feeling like you're TOO skinny to be beautiful, but I'm in no way putting the skinnier people down, I'm just simply standing up for my people, the ones who feel "too big" for the society.

I've never been exactly skinny nor the most beautiful girl out there, and I've always kind of known that. But it didn't really bother me until I grew older and realized that I wasn't society's ideal of beauty, which kind of hurt as it made me think I'm less than the skinny girls or the pretty girls.

I struggled for a long time with that issue and it wasn't until recently that I really stopped giving a damn. I just got so tired of sucking in my gut every time my stomach was on show and I got so tired of having to wear makeup to be pretty and I got so tired of feeling like I'm less than all the other pretty and skinny girls. But I know that I'm damn fucking gorgeous and I don't need to have a thigh gap to be beautiful.

When did our society, the society that WE ARE, become so obsessed with thigh gaps or rib bones or long straight hair? I don't want to be apart of that society that makes girls feel that they have to have long straight hair to be beautiful, I don't want to be apart of that society that makes ME feel like I need to be so skinny that my rib bones show in order for me to be considered "beautiful" and "perfect". I don't want to please society and all of y'all if I have to have a thigh gap to be considered "worth it". 

I'm so sick of hearing my friends, my beautiful friends, say that they don't feel happy anymore because they're not skinny or because they got compared to their other friends, their "skinnier and prettier" friends. Because I know that pain, I know how the words echo at the back of your head throughout the whole day, and I know how it sucks to suck in your gut.

What I want people to understand is that it does NOT matter if you have fat arms or big thighs because you are NOT your body. You might have big thighs but at least you're a wonderful and kind person (unless you're a murderer then I'm so sorry this doesn't apply to you). I'd rather be the fattest person in the world but a nice and caring person.

Fat is just a word, but somehow it has become an insult, so thank you for that. But that word will never stop you from making it to the top. That word will never define you as a human being.

That word might be thrown at me and I know damn well what I am, but I won't let it define me. Because it doesn't matter how much I weight because I know I'm a good person.

I wrote a poem at 2am...

I know how all the words echo at the back of your head 
getting louder and louder as you cry into your pillow,

I know how every teardrop is a reflection of the cuts in your heart
from all the words people said,

And I know every slash of your wrist is to take away the pain from the inside,
it's to stop the words from echoing.

But Honey, every word they've said doesn't mean anything,
It's only a reflection of themselves.

Big thighs will never define who you are,

Big arms will never define who you are,

The size of your waist will never define who you are,

But the dreams that you have and the words that you say 
and the smiles that you make will define you.

So shine your light and share your wisdoms with others
because you are damn gorgeous and you are worth it all.

I'll leave you with that poem and a video that I saw some weeks ago, which honestly made me cry.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

What I Brought With Me To Lappeenranta

Oh Hi!

As you're reading this I'm currently running around somewhere with my internet bestie Julia who I'm visiting from thursday to monday. And since packing is really boring and I always forget something I took pictures while packing to show you what I brought with me to Lappeenranta, were Julia lives. I'll also quickly throw in there that I'm vlogging the whole trip so you can look forward to those vlogs sometime this month!

Let's get started now!

 First off, all my face stuff and body stuff. 
From left to right:
Evidence perfume by Yves Rocher - I personally love this perfume because it's such a sexy smell. Haha, there's literally no other way I can describe it.But it smells kind of flowery and yeah, sexy.

Dove body milk Deepcare Complex - This is a sample that I got somewhere so first thing, I got it for free. I feel like it smells like men's aftershave so it might be for men but I use it on my legs and I got n o care in the world about that. It moisturizes and does it's job and it was the only mini-size bodylotion I own

Yves Rocher Organic Vanilla Shower Gel - I own tons of these Yves Rocher mini-size shower gels and I just felt like smelling like vanilla on this trip. I haven't tried any of these mini-sized shower gels yet so I have no idea if my body will love them or hate them, but this trip will be a great time to find out

TRESemmé Split End Repair Shampoo - I took these small bottles that my mother had laying around and put my shampoo and conditioner in them so that's why the shampoo is not in a TRESemmé bottle. Anyways, I like using this shampoo but it does not repair any of my split ends. I've owned this for a long time and I use it almost every time I wash my hair but it doesn't do anything to my hair other than clean it... I figured, however, that it might be because I have curly hair. I don't know

VO5 Sheer Vitality Conditioner - This is also in another bottle so it's not in its original packaging. Anyways, I like this conditioner, it leaves my hair smooth. And it's also the only conditioner we have in our house right now soooo

Garnier Dry Mist High Protection SPF 30 - I hate the sticky ew feeling that some sun lotions leave so I bought this in hope that it wouldn't leave me feeling sticky, and I absolutely adore it. So I'm bringing it with me, enough said

Garnier PureActive Purifying Make-up Remover Gel - I use this to remove my makeup and it does its job. It says that it's a 2 in 1 so that it would also cleanse but I have never really used it to only clean my face when I'm wearing no makeup so I can't say if it's good at that, and I also always go over with my usual cleanser but it removes makeup very well and the plus thing with this is that you can lock the pump so that the thing doesn't just pour out of the bottle. Plus points to Garnier for that!

Clinique 3-Step Skin Care System - You've heard me talk about this one before in THIS blogpost so I'm not going to repeat myself. This version, however, is number 4, aka for Oily skin. But it doesn't really make a difference for me as my skin is pretttyyyyyy oily.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil - I've already talked about this product in a post, so if you're interest in reading about it, here's the post:

I also brought with me a deodorant as you don't want smelly armpits, no one wants smelly armpits, which I forgot to take a picture of but it's the Nivea Anti-Perspirant Dry Comfort roll-on deodorant. And it's good, it smells nice and it does its job. Yay!

The products:
Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder in 004 Sandstorm
Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara
L'Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer
Maxfactor Facefinity 3 in 1 Foundation in Warm Almond 45
Maybelline Expression Kajal in 33 Black
Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in 004 Black Brown
Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 021 Sun Light
Yves Rocher Nourishing Lipbalms in raspberry and Coconut
L'Oréal Paris Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain in 103 Marilyn lipbalm in a vanilla scent that we got at school once
BH Cosmetics Duo Fiber Stippling Brush
two brushes which I have no idea what brand they are, sorry!

Batiste Dry Shampoo - I've only just recently got this but I like it. The only downside is the smell because it smells like those mosquitosprays you use if you want to get rid of mosquitos lol
TRESemmé Heat Defense Styling Spray - I used this for a long time and it's so good. It really does protect the hair and it also has the lock so the product doesn't come out. Only bad thing with this is that it makes my floor really slippery so I should put up a sign saying "Warning! The Floor May Be Slippery" because of this product haha

Pepsodent toothpaste. I'm finnish after all.

Now we are getting to CLOTHESSSSSSSSSS.  I'm an overpacker when it comes to clothes because I like having options. Like "what if it's rainy that day?" and I also don't like wearing the same clothes everyday. 

Four pairs of shorts, the pink and flowery ones are shorts. And three pairs of trousers yay

Three croptops and 2 normal tops. The white ones are tops.

Two sweaters (plus the one I'm wearing on the train) and a cozy hoodie.

Two playsuits since I don't know, I felt like it.

And of course, camera and charger for camera plus pj's and charger for my phone and I also brought my earphones and my wallet, of course! And a pair of flats, along with my converse.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and you can look forward to some vlogs and stuff coming up this month (hopefully). Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Just Say Yes July - M&C Collabs

Oh Hai!

Are we on time this month? Yes! This month is not beauty-related however, instead we're giving you a challenge.

If you're a viewer of Zoe Sugg, also known as Zoella, you would know that she has this motto "Just Say Yes" which she uses to challenge herself to do stuff she wouldn't normally do, and she encourages us to do the same. 
So, this month we want all of our readers to challenge themselves to say yes to stuff that they wouldn't normally do. Not like drugs or something like that, but just things like swim at a public beach incase that freaks you out or climb up on a rooftop and watch the stars if you're like me and you're hella scared of heights. And at the end of the month we will update you on how we did and we want to see if you guys did anything that you wouldn't normally do! So if your friend asks you to come swimming, challenge yourself and do it! You're most likely to have fun and if not, then you're one experience wiser!

I'm not quite sure if Cara has a blogpost up now as she's going to be gone for 5 weeks, but whether she does or not, this is a great time to check out her blog and sit and read all her blogposts. It's worth it, I promise!

So, we'll see you at the end of the month with an update on how this month went, and try to challenge yourself to do stuff you normally wouldn't do. It'll be worth it, trust me!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Men; I am NOT your dog or your sex toy

Oh Hi!

Two blogposts in a day? I think YES. This is a long and serious one, so grab yourself some tea and cookies and sit back and be furious with me because this one is written in pure anger and disgust.

So before I get into what I want to talk about, I just want to explain what made me write this blogpost. For those who follow me on twitter, you might already know but for those who don't, I shall explain.

So I was having a sleepover with my bestie Betti yesterday, and in the middle of the night (at about 2am) we decided to "sneak out" and go walk around, because quite frankly, that's one of the greatest things you can do with a friend, especially as then you don't have to whisper like you might have to do inside. So we went on a walk and we see someone riding a bike coming towards us, but ignore it. I looked at the person, which turned out to be a boy about 14-16 years old, like you do when you pass someone when walking. We kept walking and then he had the guts to catcall us (catcalling means whistling as if a girl would be a dog). We ignored it but got mad of course, because as I said, WE ARE NOT DOGS YOU FUCKING PRICK. He then screamed something that not even God could understand because this boy could probably not talk, and then he continued catcalling us. By this point we were about 50 meters away from him but furious and adrenaline had kicked in, so Betti turned around and put the middle finger up in the air, which I then also did. 
Now I don't know about you, but in any other country, the middle finger means "you fuck right off" and "do not bother us" with lots of other cursewords in there. But apparently not for this boy. 

We continued walking and soon realized that he was following us. We tried ignoring it because you convince yourself that he will soon pass by and just whistle and say something stupid and then continue his sad life. But no, he just kept following us. He was literally 2 meters behind us just slowly riding his bike after us but we didn't quite understand how close he was. I took my phone and gave it to Betti and told her to tell him that if he doesn't leave we'll call the cops (I don't speak finnish so if I would've tried to say that he would've probably just laughed and kept following us). She turned around, and I did too, and that's when we realize that this prick is 2 meters behind us, staring with big horny eyes at our butts. She told him that she's going to call the cops if he doesn't leave and then she turned around. I was still facing him staring him right in the eyes and as he started going away, without saying one more word, I just screamed "YEAH GO FUCK YOURSELF". 

Thinking back at it, it probably wasn't so dangerous and he probably wouldn't even have had the guts to touch us, but to think that someone has the NERVE to first catcall us, as if we were your dogs, and then FOLLOW US for more than five minutes straight. No, I'm not here for that kind of bullshit.

We continued walking as he had left, and we we're of course a little afraid that he would still continue following us. Adrenaline was still running through our bodies so I was just furious, saying every curseword written in the books of swedish, finnish and english dictionaries and Betti was also pissed as hell. Then we got closer to a house were some men were being drunk and loud. As we got closer Betti saw how one of the men pointed at us and looked really happy like "oh yeah here we have some girls to rape". 
Now I don't know if you know this about me but I HATE drunk people, I'm literally so scared of them that if I see a drunk person I'd rather turn around and go another way, but here was no other way, and I was also thinking that if we show them our fear they'll think we're easy to get. 
So we kept walking and as we passed by the house the same man who had pointed at us started "coughing" and trying to get us to look over there and come over to him. Do we really look that stupid to you? This is when fear kicks in, because there were more than just one little boy, these were men. Shitfaced drunk, but still, men. We kept walking because I didn't want them to know that I was, in fact, scared to death. As we got out of sight, however, we ran for our lives, to get the adrenaline to leave our bodies and to make sure they wouldn't be able to catch up so easily if they decided to follow us.

As we kept walking the adrenaline left our bodies and the reality of the situations kicked in. Not only had it just happened once, but twice. And to think that it was in Betti's own neighbourhood. It freaked us out. So, as the adrenaline left our bodies we felt like throwing up and crying. I was furious, scared and utterly disgusted, because people only get followed in movies. It's not supposed to happen in real life.

And with that long story over with, I am now here to talk to you about making us girls, and women, feel like sex objects and feel like we're not safe.

First of all, I don't understand how anyone can POSSIBLY think that a woman would react in a good way to catcalling. You are LITERALLY treating us as if we were dogs, and you think that we would accept it and come to you and go "oh you want to fuck, I want to fuck too". There might be one or two women who would actually do that, but the majority of us get freaked out, and angry. We. Are. NOT. Dogs. We. Are. NOT. Here. To. Please. YOU. In fact, if it wasn't for a woman you wouldn't even be alive, and this is how you thank us?

Secondly, screaming stuff after us. Look, I understand that you can't think of anything else to do than to scream harrassing things, but try not to. What satisfaction do you get out of screaming stupid things like "NICE ASS" or "GREAT TITS" to someone? Do you feel cool now? Newsflash, you are in fact PATHETIC. If you would only look around, and see that EVERYONE is feeling sorry for the way you behave, because you act like a three year old.

Third, FOLLOWING US. Yes, thanks, I am flattered that you're so amazed by my fabulous behind that you follow us for five minutes straight, but I'd rather you'd just go "Yo, wanna fuck?" because then I'd at least be able to react in some kind of way. You were just literally behind us, not doing ANYTHING. Do you realize how pathetic that makes you look? And the fact that it's somewhat probably hilarious to you that you freak someone out and scar them for the rest of their lives make me want to stab you so hard and cut your penis off so that you can STOP THINKING WITH IT.

I am so damn tired of hearing my friend in Helsinki tell me that she once again got harrassed by a man, or a group of men, and I am so tired of people blaming the WOMEN for it. We are NOT responsible for someone following us, we are NOT responsible for someone catcalling us, and we are DAMN NOT RESPONSIBLE IF SOMEONE RAPED US BECAUSE WE WORE TOO REVEALING CLOTHES. 

Instead of teaching girls to cover up, teach guys not to scare the shit out of us and harrass us. 
And if you say that we might be asking for that boy to follow us or for those men to call us over, you are wrong. We were in sweats, I was wearing a damn long hoodie and our hair were messed up and dirty. We were NOT asking that boy to follow us and we were NOT asking for those men to try to call us over.

Now, if we would've called the cops on that boy, we would have most likely gotten the blame. "What are you girls doing outside at this time?" "You shouldn't go out at that time, it's dangerous" etc etc. The guy would've gotten praised and he wouldn't have had to do anything, because somehow GUYS are allowed to be out at that time, but not women, because IT'S TOO DANGEROUS. DAMN  RIGHT IT'S TOO DANGEROUS WHEN YOU TEACH BOYS THAT IT IS OK TO HARRASS GIRLS, DAMN RIGHT IT'S DANGEROUS WHEN SOME BOYS JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF NO, AND THE MEANING OF GO AWAY. 

Women are NOT sex objects, we were not born to please men, we were not born to sit inside all day and never go out because we're too scared. You came out of a damn vagina, which only women have, and if that woman wouldn't have pushed you out of that damn vagina you wouldn't be here harrassing us. Soooooooo, my conclusion, respect us damn women, we're the reason you're alive.

Also, when you catcall us and scream ugly things after us, think about how you would feel if your mother came home one day and said that she no longer wants to go out because she got harrassed by some stupid men. Yeah, you're going to be that stupid man one day. Congratulations, what a great choice in life.

What also freaked me out is that that boy was young, he looked like three but was probably 14-16 years old. If you do that already at such a young age, you'll be rapist before you're 23. And the fact that he felt that it was OK to follow us, even when we had showed him not to, just makes me wonder what this world has become. I pray for Jesus to come down every day so no more girls have to be harrassed, so no more girls have to be raped. Because this is not a way of life. Especially when someone so YOUNG does it. Your penis isn't even fully developed yet, stop thinking with it.

I do want to thank those guys and men who are not like the ones I've mentioned above. You give me hope in the male population which is sometimes really hard to have. Please teach your fellow friends not to harrass, and if you ever feel the urge to, just remember that I once thanked you for not being like that. Not every man on this earth is a rapist or a creep, but it slowly starts to feel like that. So if you've never catcalled a girl, raise your hand so I can date you. 

And to those who do those things, I have no words for you. You are a pathetic little loser who will NEVER be anything if you continue being like that. We are not your sex toy. It's OK to look at us, but to catcall and harrass, no thanks.

As my friend Jade said "Women are horny too but we're not forcing ourselves to every human being that walks by us and like men go nuts when we even show a little skin like legs or shoulders or back or cleavage but woman stay sane even though men walk around without shirts on all summer and then men are like 'women dress slutty so they're asking for it' but um, look into a mirror dude, you're naked".

To all the girls who have ever been harrassed or raped by guys or men; you're the victim, not the men. You did nothing wrong and you didn't ask for it, no matter what someone says. It's OK to hate those guys for the rest of your life, but just remember that you did not do anything wrong, not even if you were halfnaked. You did NOT ask for it.

This was a long 'un but maybe I made some sense in it all. If you made it to the end, congratulations, I am giving you a virtual hug and 10 points in life. Love you guys♥

Creative Week

Oh Hi!

So this week I've been somewhat creative and done some diy stuff and because my laptop broke I've had to actually do stuff and not just sit on youtube all day, so today, for the first time ever, I'm showing you what I've done with my life. But first, let's take a quiet minute for my laptop that is now at my cousin's place and he's going to see if he can fix it. Stay strong Laptop, you can do this.

On Tuesday, when I still had my laptop, I did these flower letters above my window. I went with "Do it with passion" because I thought that kind of fits me, I don't do things I don't like, and the full quote is "do it with passion or not at all" so when I do something, I do it with passion.

On the same day, a lot later, I cut this T-shirt that I got from Mikku. It's her old and she wasn't using it so I took it last summer and now I decided that I wanted to cut it up into pieces. Well not exactly pieces but I removed most of the bottom of the shirt and then I also cut the neckline bigger so it's kind of an "off the shoulder" T-shirt now! 

 On wednesday I made a galaxy print picture with the text "TO Infinity & BEYOND" on it. This was probably the most fun to do out of all the things and I love how it turned out! Sadly my camera didn't make the painting look as good as it does in real life as the blue and purple and all the other colors are darker in real life. But oh well. I loved making this because if I made a mistake I could just paint over and it was literally just to try and try until I got the effect I wanted. This took about 5 hours all and all, with the painting first, then letting it dry and then print out the letters how I wanted and cut them out to paint them on the painting the easy way, but I'm happy with it and now I just have to find a place for it. Any ideas where I should put it?

And lastly I made a popcorn cake. I love popcorn so I had to try it, and personally I like it but I think that you either love or hate it, there's no inbetween. I got the idea from DazzleDIY on youtube!

What have you guys been up to this week? Anything interesting or have you just been waiting for a blogpost of mine? ;) Haha, let me know if you ever want me to do a diy project or tutorial and I'm up for it!
Also, if you enjoy long blogposts, come back here in 2 hours and you'll get a really long serious blogpost, so prepare your tea and cookies for that!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Just Lips June - M&C Collabs

Oh Hi!

June just ran away and I did nothing productive with that month and so here we are, one day late, with the monthly collab for June. We are a mess.

Anyways, this month (well last month) is all about lips and our favorite lip products and therefore I have 5 lip products to discuss with you guys. And after you finish reading this, there's another post over on Cara's blog where she talks about 5 lip products as well. Soooo, let's get started! You will in this post also figure out that I suck at explaining colors and I only know the colors pink, purple, red, blue, green, yellow, black, brown, orange and white.

First up is my Yves Rocher Lipstick in the color Raspberry (14). It's a pink/purple/red mixture (I guess it is the color of a raspberry as that is the name) and I absolutely adore it. It's really soft and long-lasting and you don't have to worry about it drying out your lips because it is also moisturizing. The packaging is also super cute and the lipstick smells good (if that's something you care about in a lipstick). 

Next is my Yves Rocher Nourishing lip balm with a raspberry scent and color. Though it isn't as strong as the lipstick I mentioned above it still gives some color to your lips while moisturizing them. If you've ever seen me with a raspberry colored lip, this is probably what I've been wearing as this is my holy grail product and I take it with me EVERYWHERE I go. 

Then we have my only (yes, ONLY) lipliner which is Maybelline New York Colorsensational lip liner in 547 Pleasure Me Red. As the name says and as you can see from the picture it's a red matte lipliner and I feel like it has some kind of undertone however it's not purple as it comes of as just red. But I can't put my finger on what kind of undertone it is. This isn't a great great great product, but for the price (I think I paid 5€ for it) it's okay. I know there's lots of other products out there, much cheaper, that are better than this but I bought it in a rush and I'm happy with it.

This product (or products as I own two) is probably one of the best. It's the L'Oréal Paris Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain. I own them in 103 Marilyn and 200 Princess. While the Marilyn one is a bright pink (which, if you apply it more than once goes kind of purple) the Princess one is a orange red, depending on how much you apply. These are long-lasting and moisturizing and you barely feel them on your lips. I really love these products. I do have to say, however, that I no longer buy L'Oréal's products because of the rumors about how they test on animals, but I will use these up, of course.

With this last product, which is a lipstick, I had some trouble finding out the name. It is by L'Oréal and says Intense Blondes on the packaging, however underneath it says "Color Riche". I looked at the website and couldn't find the exact shade, which makes me believe that these were limited edition, but I'm not sure at all. Anyways, this one is in 285 Pink Fever. It's a shimmery bright pink which goes on smoothly and is really soft. You don't have to apply a lot for it to show up. It is a really good product and that's why it made in here, but as I said before, I no longer buy L'Oréal's products but will use this up. 

Sooo, that's it! Remember, to check out Cara's top 5 lip products and leave her some love! And as always, here's her little message for all of y'all: 
Hey everyone! Good to see you all back after 6 months Leende ansikte med leende ögon How amazing has this been? So again, thanks to Maddie for doing this with me for half a year. We must do something special for the final blog, which is just around the corner! This has flown by. Now I’m going to plug myself here before I get all emotional, but please go and have a read of my post and let me know what you think in the comments, and make sure you leave Maddie nice things in the comments down below. I love you all, see you soon!

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite lip product is and if you've tried any of the products I mentioned!

Swatches and Links to the products

Products for left to right:

Yves Rocher Nourishing Lip Balm with Rasberry scent (not linked to the exact same product, but I couldn't find it anywhere)
L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Lipcolor in 285 Pink Fever (exact product no longer available)