Saturday, September 27, 2014

Just A Ramble | Sam Pepper, Divergent & More

Oh Hi!

I'm gonna be honest with you and admit I don't know what to write about today. But if you like rambling and such, then this might be a good one for you, I don't know yet.

Let me mention this video first. This video had me in tears and I'm still not sure I was crying because she cried or because of anger. First of, some might say there's no proof of her ever getting raped by Sam so I shouldn't talk about it. But I'm somehow not hesitant to believe it because of the other stories that have come out about Sam.
Seeing this video made me so angry. I was angry at myself for ever watching and liking Sam's videos. Not the ones where he harrassed people, but where he used to ask strangers weird questions and where he did normal pranks when he just embarrassed himself, and not other people.
I don't think anyone could've said 5 years ago that Sam would be fucked up, but we can't predict the future.
What also proves that all the stories are true, is that Sam isn't trying to come up with excuses, in fact he hasn't been online a lot since Laci Green put up this video.
Also, he hasn't provided us with any material that would suggest he didn't do those things. If we got the full phonenumber we would probably find out that it is Sam's number or has been his number in the past. We would also find out that the description the Anonymous girl in the video above gives of the apartment and apartment building is real, and the adress too. So, whether anyone decides to report what he has done to them or not, he's eventually going to be fucked. Not to forget the fact that his management dropped him and all the youtubers are against him. Oops, that's karma for you.
I'm not gonna mention him anymore though, and I will leave you to watch that 16 minute long video of the girl who had to go through that.

What should we discuss next?
I watched Divergent yesterday for the first time and oh my gosh I cried rivers. I haven't read the books and I'm not going to (mainly because Jade spoiled me the ending when we were talking about Divergent yesterday and I'm as mad as her that it ends like that. Jade had btw read a review of the books and the ending was spoiled there, so she hasn't herself either read the books. We live this life together, as sad teenagers because an ending is shitty.) but after seeing that movie I kinda want to watch the other ones too... But kinda not, because of the ending. THE STRUGGLES.
However, I now have another ship to deal with, namely Theo and Shailene. Dangit Maddie. I'm already dealing with too many emotions over ships, I can't do this anymore.
Also, let's appreciate Theo just like a moment or two.
I'm sorry. No actually, I'm not.
However if you haven't watched Divergent then come to me and we shall watch it together, with popcorn and chocolate, ok?

Hmmmm, is there anything more I wanna mention?... 
Zoella Beauty! I haven't had the chance to order any products yet because I'm poor but I will order all the products once I have money to give myself as Christmas gift! I'm so proud of Zoe and she looked absolutely stunning at her Beauty Launch and I just. I had the feels.
Her dress was absolutely gorgeous and her makeup and hair was ON POINT. But then again, when doesn't she look beautiful? 

 Oh, on wednesday when I woke up there was SNOW OUTSIDE AND I WAS LIKE "WHAT". I didn't have time to take a picture though but the ground was white, wow. And now it's really stormy and rainy and fall-like and I kinda love it because I can just be inside and light some candles and have some tea or hot chocolate. And I can layer clothes and I can wear my warmer jacket. Ah fall♥

I don't know if I should keep rambling or if a should stop?
I wanna add that this week I haven't been feeling the best. I've been really anxious for unknown reasons and I've just been really down. I don't know if any of my friends have noticed that but I just thought I would mention it because I come on here every week and I'm all cheery but this week I've just been... Anxious. That's also why this week's blogpost is a little bit of a mess. I didn't have anything planned because of how down I've been feeling and I just thought I would ramble, but I feel like telling you guys that I've been feeling really shitty this week. Just because I don't wanna come on and write a bullshit blogpost about all the happy things in my life, it's sometimes really shitty too, for no reason. I might one day feel comfortable in sharing that on here, but until that, just know that I don't wanna bullshit you guys, I just want to blog.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge | ItsMaddiehbu

So I got nominated by my friend Heidi to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. So I poured ice cold water on myself and screamed, all for charity. I nominate Cara, Oona and Ronja to pour some cold water on themselves too!
You can watch Heidi's Ice Bucket challenge on her instagram!

Please read up on what ALS is and donate here: