Friday, May 15, 2015

Home Alone

Oh Hi!

Do you ever walk around feeling very independent and mature and like you don't need your parents for anything? Yeah, I do. That is until they go away for ONE DAY and ONE NIGHT and suddenly I'm a little child who is craving to sit in mommy's lap. No seriously.

When my parents drove me to school to then leave to wherever I just said "Bye bye, see you tomorrow!" and didn't think of it. Then I got home from school to an empty house. We have kind of a big house and being alone in this house felt horrible. 

I put on all the lights even though it was clearly light outside and I made sure I had locked the door. Then I turned on my laptop and spent the evening pretending I wasn't home alone for the night.

It's not exactly that I'm scared of anything, it's just quiet, super super quiet. Right now while writing this all I'm hearing is my fingers tapping on the keyboard and my laptop fan (ventilator, whatever it's called). It's past 9pm and I'm never home alone over the night.

It's alright being home alone for the day, but when it comes to being home alone for the night it's a whole nother story. You have no one to say goodnight to and hug before going to sleep and when you wake up you have no one to say goodmorning to. It's weird and I totally understand the boy from Home Alone for being scared. A house is pretty freaky when you're on your own.

On a  brighter note though, I'm having my birthday party tomorrow (saturday). I'm super excited haha! I've invited my 6 closest friends and we're going to have some fun, like eating food and such. I'll make sure I take pictures!

On that note I think I'm actually going to go to sleep. Yes, it's 9pm. Yes, I could run around naked. But I feel very very exposed somehow. I have to be up at 9am tomorrow anyways since I have my birthday party at 12pm. WE GON' TURN UP (not really, I think we'll all be half asleep by that point still).

Remember to wish me a happy birthday on monday as I'm turning 17... I'm getting pretty old!
 If you want to read my blogpost from last year when I turned 16 you can find it here!
Take care♥

I've been super active on my social media recently (especially on Instagram and Twitter)!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

My reaction to "Fifty Shades Of Grey"

Oh Hi!

So I recently watched Fifty Shades of Grey to see what the hype was about and I also wanted to see if I agreed with the bad reviews it had got. So I grabbed some popcorn and was ready to watch a 2 hour long movie with a bad storyline.
I live-texted all my reactions to Jade so I thought instead of writing a whole blogpost I'd just put the screenshots of that conversation here. I blurred out the curse words but not the ones in quotes (did that make sense?). Also yes, Jade is "My Wifeee" on my phone.
Read these from top to bottom, the picture on the left before the picture on the right! I should also add that these might be a little confusing as Jade and I often tend to have multiple conversations going on at the same time so one discussion is in one text and the other discussion is in another text. However the most important things I think you will still understand.

I want to add that I personally don't support this kind of abuse. As Jade said; there's a difference between being dominant and being abusive and I found Christian Grey to be extremely abusing, physically and mentally. While this is all a movie and all made up, someone might be in a similar situation and seeing this movie might make them think that it's perfectly normal to be in a relationship like this one and that's why I don't want to support this movie. Please know your worth. BDSM isn't anything wrong in itself, just know when it's domination and when it's abuse. Be safe, know your worth. And please don't romanticize abusive relationships. They're nothing to strive for.

(Please also note that I use a lot of sarcasm in my texts and some of my texts might be a little confusing, however I mean nothing rude with any of them, I just personally felt that way when watching the movie)

If you are in an abusive relationship these sites might be helpful: